Kennengail's Ballard, BH, CD, CGC, Certified Service Dog

October 12, 2004 – March 7, 2016

Thor is from German Working Boxer lines and is the son of Absalom vd Svyatogor and Cleito Kid Johnson SchH2, WH.  Thor comes from German Working Lines.

Thor has accomplished some amazing firsts for me. A BH title, a CD in 3 consecutive days with good scores, Certified Service Dog and our very first litter with very promising puppies. While working on his working titles, he learned carting, agility and has shown herding instints. Sire of our A Litter. Thor is now retired and loving it !!!

The best buddy and companion, there was nothing he would not do for us. He was our pal, our friend and our best. He is terribly missed.